Careful what we advocate…

Dear Mr. Easton,

Eeek. I think it’s worth being careful what we advocate for here.

I couldn’t agree more that Libby’s treatment, compared with the treatment of people at Guantanamo, reveals an unacceptable double standard in our legal system. The rich and powerful, whatever their crimes, have access to a different set of safeguards and options than do the people who are imprisoned at Guantanamo right now. The difference speaks volumes about the power of racism and entrenched privilege in this country, and about the hypocrisy of our current administration.

Nonetheless, I think it is probably a bad idea to advocate for things we don’t actually want to see happen. No human being, not even Scooter Libby, should be deprived of their legal rights or subjected to inhumane treatment. If the neocons took Working Assets at its word, made a sacrificial lamb of Scooter Libby, and shipped him to Guantanamo, it would solve nothing. The mixed message confuses the issue. We should call for the prison camp at Guantanamo to be shut down, and for everyone’s constitutional rights to be respected. Period.

Thanks for your time and for the good work you do.


About Al Bradbury

Labor journalist by day, singer-songwriter by night, Odonian at all hours.

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